Information for depositors who hold deposits in banks authorised in another European State

Thursday, 22nd February 2024
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The Irish Deposit Guarantee Scheme (“DGS”) covers deposits held in banks and credit unions in Ireland authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland. 

A list of such institutions is available at this link

under “Section 1 - Authorisations issued to Credit Institutions to carry on banking business in the State under Irish Legislation - (a) Banks licensed pursuant to Section 9 of the Central Bank Act, 1971”:

The above link under Section 2(b) also provides a listing of “European Credit Institutions authorised in another Member State of the European Economic Area (EEA) and operating in the State either on a branch or a cross-border basis”.  This listing sets out banks that have been authorised in other EEA countries and includes detail of their home (authorising) country.

Eligible deposits that are held with credit institutions that are authorised in another European Economic Area (EEA) Member State are covered by that country’s deposit guarantee scheme.  Queries regarding deposit guarantee scheme eligibility for banks authorised in another EEA state should be addressed to the deposit guarantee scheme of the relevant member state.