Protected Depositors

In general the Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS) protects deposits belonging to individuals, companies, partnerships, clubs and associations. It excludes public authorities, insurers, pension funds, collective investment schemes, banks and certain other financial institutions.                                                                                                                                  

The Irish DGS covers deposits in branches of credit institutions authorised in Ireland. You do not have to be resident in Ireland or be an Irish citizen to be eligible for DGS compensation.

Protected - Deposits of:

  1. Individuals
  2. Sole Traders
  3. Partnerships
  4. Clubs, associations, schools and charities
  5. Companies
  6. Funds held in trust or in client accounts by solicitors and other professionals may be eligible if the underlying beneficiaries are eligible in their own right
  7. Small self-administered pensions

Not Protected 

Deposits by:
  1. Banks, credit unions and building societies
  2. Persons charged (pending a court decision) or convicted of money laudering offences
  3. Financial Institutions
  4. Investment Firms
  5. Depositors who have never been identified in accordance with anti-money laundering legislation
  6. Insurance and Reinsurance undertakings
  7. Collective Investment undertakings
  8. Public Authorities
  9. A pension scheme or retirement fund (other than a small self-administered pension scheme);
  10. Debt Securities issued by a credit institution and liabilities arising out of own acceptances and promissory notes.